1. Very interesting article. We had to make different adjustments to my dog’s diet over the years that we had her. Due to excessive itching in her ears and hot spots on her skin, the vet thought perhaps an allergy to lamb was the culprit. According to the vet, lamb was at one time through to be good for dogs with allergies or food sensitives and then turned out years later that a lot of dogs are sensitive to lamb.

    Many years later, we had to switch our poor girl to a strict prescription diet to help with fluid accumulation due to idiopathic chylorthax. It worked for several months, but eventually she succumbed to the illness.

    • Thanks for commenting, Lenora.
      I was sorry to read that you lost your pet. Chylorthax is such a rare disease I had to look it up!
      Doesn’t it just tear you up inside when your dog is allergic to something supposed to be good for them? I always feel so bad seeing a dog with hot spots or ear infections. However, it sounds as if your girl had a good life with you.
      Hopefully, this experience won’t keep you from bringing another dog into your family.
      Thanks again for adding to this discussion.

  2. Interesting information. I believe that animals have a lot of the same illnesses we do, only unfortunately they have not been studied as well. Nutritional deficiencies are rampant in both animals and humans. I believe because pharmaceuticals are big money why prevent illness with healthy diet?
    As for the heart muscle. I picture it a lot like a stretched balloon. Once you stretch the rubber a ways it never completely constricts back to normal shape. Great article. Definitely got me thinking.

    • Thanks for your comment, Maryann.
      I agree that we share many illnesses with dogs, as well as suffering from inadequate diets and a system that has more profit in treating symptoms than actually curing.
      BTW–you completely understand how the heart muscle works when it becomes too large. Good for you!

  3. Someone really close to me owns a dog, and this information will definitely be of much use to them. I’ve owned dogs as a kid, and I understand the joy they bring to your life. At the same time, I totally understand how tough it is to see your best friend hurting, so I really appreciate this post because it has taught me a lot about what to look for and pay close attention to when a dog starts behaving abnormally.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Andrew.
      Helping people learn what clues dogs give when they are in trouble is my goal. This is such a new development in the dog world that I’m sure your friend will appreciate bringing it to her attention.

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