1. Mitchguy

    Interesting history and analysis. From our experience, food quality affects a dogs health in a big way. Since our four Labradors were puppies, we have fed them kibbles. Having tried several different brands, we have settled on one that makes a noticeable difference in the quality of their fur. We figure that if it makes such a big difference on the outside, it has to be making a difference on the inside.

    We live in Nicaragua on a small plot of land and have access to fresh fruits and veggies. Our dogs favorites are bananas, avocados and coconuts. Our male dog is even a little spoiled with the bananas as he looks at you suggesting that it would be a good idea for you to peel his banana before he eats it. Some say that dogs shouldn’t eat avocados, but our dogs love them and their fur has a beautiful, shiny luster during the avocado season. Many of our eggshells also go to the dogs, and when they get a full egg, it is like a royal treat for them.

    I guess fruits and veggies were invented before kibbles were… raw products trump processed products even amongst dogs.

    • admin

      I am so glad you tried different kibble brands until you found one that shows up in the fur. To me, that is the true test of a good food. My dog like avocados and bananas, too! 

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Genesis

    I have two rescued street dogs that I feed with kibble. We did a lot of research to find a decent food option for them and it seems to work. However, we also feed table scraps. I have four kids, so there are a lot of bits dropped during meals and the dogs like to sit nearby when I’m preparing a meal, in hopes of getting some bits of fresh tomato or cooked potato and even letttuce. They really like their veggies! Of course, they are also more than thrilled to eat bits of meat and chicken!

    • admin

      This is what I do, too. A very good quality kibble from Only Natural Pet is the basis of my pets’ dinners. Then I supplement with leftovers we don’t want to eat any longer. We also allow the dog and a cat who is interested to clean off our dinner plates after we finish eating.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Curtis

    I have 3 dogs and 6 inside cats. Ok, I also have about 5 outside cats that are all fixed. My son worked at PetSmart and taught us a lot about the right pet foods and other products. My animals are part of the family and I only give them the best pet food available. I always check the AAFCO statement. I prefer the grain free foods for my dogs that have confirmed wild caught salmon. It seems really good for them. Same with the cats.

    This was a really great article and now I know the history of pet foods. Thank you.

    One question, I grew up on a farm and always fed my dogs chicken bones with no issues. Is that a good idea or not?

    • admin

      That’s so great that you understand the importance of feeding your furry family members the best you can afford, Curtis. 

      I have not heard that RAW chicken bones are a problem like they are when cooked. I would love to hear from someone else who feeds raw chicken bones. 

      Personally, I cook up chicken feet and legs in the Instant Pot to make chicken broth. Then I add the pressure-cooked feet and legs to my dog and cats food. I wouldn’t do this with chicken cooked in any other way. I would be too concerned about the bones splintering and perforating the intestinal tract if they were cooked in any other way than under pressure.

  4. Bushra

    Minerals are important for dogs and cats because minerals help in their various bodily functions. Each mineral can be used in one or more function, from energy transfer to boost their skin health. Calcium intake is also important during the growth and suckling stages of young puppies and kittens. We always need to ask a veterinarian about their food to improve our pet’s health. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      I am happy you understand the importance of minerals in the diet. They are just as important for our dogs and cats as they are for us humans. I agree that we need to check with a veterinarian about the diet we feed. However, as with anything else, be certain your vet doesn’t have an ulterior (profit) motive. 

      Thanks for commenting. 

  5. Snap Brisk

    What a great post. 

    You know, when I was small my grandmother used to have a dog and she gave him the same food what she cooked for us. The dog was always healthy and happy… But as you said the time has changed. People start buying can food with believing that’s the best for their pets. 

    And what is happening now… Everywhere around you see veterinary clinics with a queue. People start thinking how quality are the products for pets… Just not long time ago I read one article about what humans food is good for the dog. There was listed products like pumpkins, sweet potato, yoghurt, green beans, apples, oats, salmon…

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