1. Eden

    I think it is best to use a professional website like house carers, it seems like they put your mind at ease and you can find someone trustworthy and reliable to be a house sitter and look after any pets. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with your house sitting in the past, it goes to show how important it is to use a professional service. It is great that they have been around for some time and had a lot of happy customers. Of course for people it can be nerve wracking to know what the house sitter will be like, but this website covers a lot of information and if they turned out to be dodgy, then you are covered through House carers. I am sure though, that they do checks on people and you can see ones with a lot of experience at house sitting. 

    • admin

      Hubby and I are much more careful about who we call on for house and pet sitting these days, Eden. 😉

      I agree that using professionals takes away a lot of worry. And you are right. The personal profiles help you decide on the right person or couple for your particular situation. 

  2. Amelita

    Hello it seems that you have a good idea here. Finding a professional does sound like a better option, especially after reading your bad experience. 

    We own 3 big dogs, one with special care needed daily due to her allergies, one male that needs routine bathroom breaks, multiple times a day due to old age, and one two year old female just getting out of the puppy habits and sometimes gets anxiety when humans are gone. 

    The idea of taking a vacation would be nice but we have always personally managed the dogs schedules ourselves. Seems a lot to ask of a family member even. The idea of hiring a professional to house sit and also be there for our pets sounds very suiting to me. 

    Now we might have to actually plan that vacation and look into this company to see if they will visit our area. 

    Thanks so much for this post, it has been very helpful.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments, Amelita.

      I agree that your dogs’ schedules would be a lot to ask of a friend or relative. However, a professional pet/house sitter could take it on without a problem. I think you’ll find that people will be willing to travel in order to housesit even if you can’t find someone local.

  3. Jay

    Having a house sitter from a certified company is really important. A lot of people need to know this so that if for any reason you experience any sort of discomfort or issue you would have someone to lay your complain to. You don’t need to hire just about anyone you see. You need to go for someone that has experience and there should be some evidence of this experience and who better to have these than from a certified company that deals on such things.

    The site you recommended would be really beneficial for those looking for house sitters as it can make their lives much easier.

  4. Shira K

    That’s a pretty scary story. You feel really taken advantage of when people mistreat to your house. It’s even worse when friends are the ones that took advantage of you.

    It sounds great that House Carers gives you tips on preparing for sitters, a sitting agreement, plus free membership. It makes you feel really protected knowing that both sides need to keep a set of rules.

    What is the longest time that you can have a house sitter? I have never used a house sitter before, but I feel like House Carers is a good place to start.

    • admin

      I agree that HouseCarers.com offers a lot of advice and suggestions, Shira. Looking at some of the profiles and the FAQ it appears that sometimes house sitting assignments can last for months. The time frame would be something ironed out between the potential housesitter and the home owner.

  5. Wow! What an experience. So glad we have our daughter to come over when we leave. I’ll have to look up this company and see if they are in our area. I’d like her to go with us on the next trip. Thank you for sharing such thorough details.

    • Thanks for dropping in and commenting, Malissa.
      Yeah, it really was a nightmare–they kept calling and hounding us for the extra money until we had to take out a restraining order!
      I believe that even if someone is not located within your area you can still find people who will travel to housesit. When I looked at some of the profiles many mentioned overseas (from the US) jobs they had and others talked about traveling to new areas in the states as a benefit to being a housesitter.

  6. Ha Roda

    Thank you for sharing your experience and the referral. What a great idea! I have been very fortunate so far with neighbors and friends. However, there will be time when they are not available, I can have back up option.

    Wondering how do you pay? Is it through paypal or online credit card? Is it secure? or do we pay when the sitter shows up?

    • admin

      Great questions, Ha Roda. According to the FAQ, “The standard Housesit is Rent Free Accommodation in exchange for house sitting/ pet care. This is the spirit of our site, and our guideline.” 

      Any travel expenses are paid by the housesitter. Extra duties can be negotiated on an individual basis.

  7. Bill

    Interestingly I saw your website today and this article about House sitting. We have had to arrange for someone not only to look after our house but our dog. She has never been to a kennel, and have never considered it as an option. Fortunately we had a niece who was doing dog sitting as an extra side job. For several overseas trips she was awesome! cares for dogs and cats as a pet owner, and very reliable. She was less then a kennels, but we paid very well to have her watch our dog, and watching the house was a side bonus. We planned way ahead, and specific instructions written down, and expectations. We also arranged to check in with a status each day. I can see what would happen if a situation occurred like you stated. One other thing whether you go to the service as you mentioned or a a close friend , referrals should be asked for and called.

    I have given this site to my wife and since my niece is not available anymore, I suggest getting a good referral from your Vet. They will know a reliable person also.

    Good information for pet owners overall.

    • Ellie Strand MSN RN APRN Retired

      Asking the vet for a pet/house sitter is a great idea, Bill. That’s how I got all my referrals when I was doing pet sitting. 

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing!

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